Erykah Badu Shares Her Must-Haves with New York Magazine: From Barefoot Bliss to Music and Wellness

"I like to earth it a lot — that means go barefoot. And I like to go barefoot a lot because it helps ground me," says Badu. "So when I go to places where it might be a little too nasty for my feet, there are these stickies that go on the bottom of the feet that I use for shoes. You’re still getting the reflexology when you’re stepping on the little pebbles and rocks, but you’re not getting the germs and cuts."

In the interview, Erykah Badu also shared some of her other cherished essentials, including the guitar strings she uses to memorize chords and create her signature melodies. She discussed her daily intake of chlorophyll, a wellness practice that has become a cornerstone of her vibrant lifestyle.

"We asked @erykahbadu about the things she can't live without — including the guitar strings she uses to memorize chords, the chlorophyll she drinks daily, and the protective pads she uses when going barefoot," New York Magazine reported.

New York, NY — September 02, 2023 — In an exclusive interview with New York Magazine, the legendary Erykah Badu opened up about her unique approach to staying grounded and connected to the Earth. Renowned for her soulful music and holistic lifestyle, Badu revealed her secret to feeling connected and balanced even when going barefoot in less-than-ideal conditions.

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Badu's unique blend of music, wellness, and down-to-earth practices has made her an icon of authenticity and self-expression. Her insights into staying grounded while walking barefoot, even in challenging environments, provide a glimpse into the holistic philosophy that defines her lifestyle.

To learn more about Erykah Badu's essential items and her philosophy on staying connected to the Earth, read the full interview in New York Magazine by tapping the link in our bio.