New York Magazine Spotlights Carrie Berk Revelatory Debut: "My Real-Life Rom-Com"

During the uncertainties of the pandemic, Berk grappled with the fear of losing cherished memories, particularly those entwined with romance and the invaluable lessons learned in the pursuit of love as a young adult. Documenting her experiences became a form of self-therapy, eventually evolving into a remarkable compilation of personal essays that transformed into the pages of her debut book.

"Something that started off as a form of self-therapy to help me find closure with past relationships turned into a greater mission," Berk explains. "I realized that there are no books out there written by Gen Z for Gen Z about dating. I wanted to create a tool that people could relate to."

New York, NY – [11/01/2023] –
Carrie Berk, a burgeoning literary sensation and a voice for the Gen Z generation, unveils her captivating debut, "My Real-Life Rom-Com." Through this introspective and engaging narrative, Berk invites readers on an authentic, heartfelt journey through the highs and lows of modern romance.

About “My Real-Life Rom-Com!”

My Real-Life Rom-Com tells it like it is. Written by twenty-year-old TikTok star and journalist Carrie Berk, this book is a resource you can turn to for any and all questions and concerns about coming-of-age love and heartbreak. Carrie shares her dating adventures (and misadventures) to help you discover more about yourself and the relationship you deserve.

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In "My Real-Life Rom-Com," each chapter becomes a treasure trove of Berk's personal encounters, dedicated to different romantic experiences. The book, as she expresses, is an amalgamation of entertainment, vulnerability, and raw emotions. It touches upon a spectrum of romantic escapades, from first loves and heartbreaks to navigating the intricacies of dating apps and more.

The book delves fearlessly into sensitive subjects like intimacy and sexuality, with Berk advocating honesty and transparency in depicting these facets of life. "I am open about the relationship that was going to be my 'first time' and how the evening took a turn for the worse. Experiences like this are important to share because depictions of sex in film and television are often dramatized and romanticized," she explains.

With a blend of sincerity and humor, Berk shares her dating mishaps, including an unforgettable encounter where a date had an unexpected guest, a fly, on his front tooth. "He made me pick it off for him," she reveals.

The main message Berk hopes to convey through "My Real-Life Rom-Com" is the importance of self-love amidst the challenging landscape of dating and adulthood. "Learn to love yourself first—especially the parts of yourself that aren’t perfect. Once you are able to do so, you will be able to extend that love outwards and foster a beautiful, emotionally rich relationship."

As an emerging storyteller, Berk's inspiration sprouted from her upbringing and her desire to empower others through shared experiences. "I keep creating stories because there are so many experiences (both mine and others) that need to be shared because they can empower others."

Her creative process involves a dedication to authenticity and real-life experiences. She shares, "The best writing is true writing. If you write what you know, ideas will flow organically."

Carrie Berk's "My Real-Life Rom-Com" promises a refreshingly genuine take on modern romance, serving as a guiding light for readers navigating the complexities of relationships and self-discovery in today's world. Available in bookstores and online retailers, Berk’s memoir promises to resonate with those seeking authenticity and relatability in their reading journey.